Fixed my problem in 10 minutes, no hassles. Very polite and friendly as well. My new go to HVAC company

Robert V

Our air conditioning system was not keeping up - it would start out blowing cool air and then quit after a few minutes. Damien expertly diagnosed the problem and fixed it. He was very professional, keeping us updated on his status and pointing out a few things that we could do to help cool our place. I would highly recommend Damien and Southern Air Care to help with all of your HVAC needs.

Sandi R

I called Damien for help and he was able to work me in within an hour. He had be back up and going within minutes! So thankful for the fast professional service in the Summer heat.

Melissa G

I had to call Damien when we woke up to no heat in the house. Damien answered me on the first call, and listened and he said I'll be there between 9:30/10:00am. Very thankful due to we have a child that has serious Heath issues and gets sick so easily. He was right on time and very professional. He is very well priced and very helpful! I highly recommend using this company and we will continue to use them!

Kimberly R